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gabrielle morin

In 2020 we all became way too familiar with isolation, so in that same year I created Morin Your Mouth in hopes of being able to connect people without physically being with one another. In my life I've been so fortunate to experience different parts of the world and to live in different areas of the United States. I grew up in the midwest, then made my way to the PNW to Seattle, and now I live in sunny Los Angeles with my dog Louie. It wasn't until I moved to LA only knowing one other person that I realized how important connections were to me. It was also when I realized how cooking for someone can really be one of the most authentic forms of connection. 


By day I work a 9-5 at a tech company so I can’t tell you how amazing it is to step away from my computer to use my hands to make a meal. Whether it’s a basic or elaborate recipe, there is a certain gratitude I have for myself after I make something. Like a voice in my head saying “Hey you did that, good job!”. Our relationships with food or with cooking sometimes aren't the best. But my goal is to show you that cooking doesn't always need to be a chore, and that carbs are not the enemy. I am by no means a trained chef, and a lot of my recipes are by no means traditional. I am here to learn as much as you are and I’m so excited to have you here along for the ride.



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